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Get Details Binocular Microscope  Approx. Rs 7, 999 / Piece A Binocular Microscope refers to any microscope with two eyepieces. Compound or high power...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Hot Air Oven  Approx. Rs 6, 900 / Piece We are offering our quality products Hot Air Oven(Bottom Heated).Outer body of M.S. sheet, ...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Digital Micrometer  Approx. Rs 500 / Unit(s) Our company has earned great laurels as suppliers, manufacturers and traders of Digital...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Animal Cages  Approx. Rs 3, 500 / Unit(s) Our organization deals in offering Animal Cages to our customers at affordable...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Vertical Autoclaves  Approx. Rs 53, 990 / Unit The Vertical Autoclaves is used for sterilizing the loaded material under steam pressure...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details BOD Incubator  Approx. Rs 39, 999 / Unit Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit Brand:...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Round Hot Plate  Approx. Rs 3, 000 / Unit(s) Product details: Aluminum / Cast iron hot plate, Available with...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Heating Mantles  Approx. Rs 1, 800 / Unit Other details Suitable for laboratories of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, ...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Bottom Heated Incubator  Approx. Rs 6, 900 / Piece The perfect choice of Bottom Heated Incubator for reliable day to day operation in various...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet  Owing to the immense experience in this domain, we are offering an extensive range of Horizontal...Read More Ask Latest Price Get Details Thermostatic Serological Water Bath  Approx. Rs 28, 000 / Piece(s) Other details: Ideal for routine clinical procedure, Incubation, ...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Hand Refractometer  Approx. Rs 2, 150 / Piece Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece Application:...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details IR Moisture Balance  Approx. Rs 13, 000 / Unit(s) Owing to our rich industry experience we are offering IR Moisture Balance which has accurate...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Laboratory Chemicals  Approx. Rs 300 / Unit(s) Laboratory Chemicals options offered come in pure constitution finish and different...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Laboratory Stands  Approx. Rs 349 / Unit(s) We are a trusted provider of Laboratory Stands to our clients at reasonable rates. ...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Muffle Furnace  Approx. Rs 20, 000 / Unit(s) We are offering of Muffle Furnace.  Other details: Sturdy...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Rectangular Water Bath  Approx. Rs 5, 000 / Unit Ideal to evaporate the liquid like alcohol or for melting solids such as to accommodate...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Rotary Shaker  Approx. Rs 28, 000 / Unit(s) Rotary Shaker options offered come in precision construction finish and finds use in...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Single Wall Water Baths  Approx. Rs 4, 500 / Piece We are offering of Single Wall Water Baths.Stainless steel single walled rectangular...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details TDS Meters and Electrical Conductivity Meter  Approx. Rs 899 / Piece Our company has established itself as a leading trader, manufacturer and supplier of superior...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Table Top Centrifuge  Approx. Rs 3, 000 / Unit Product details:  • Revolutionary general purpose laboratory centrifuge with speed regulator, ...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details UV-Visual Spectrometer  Approx. Rs 2.5 Lakh / Unit(s) Product details: Double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer with software...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Visible Spectrophotometers  Approx. Rs 40, 000 / Unit(s) Other details: Microprocessor spectrophotometer (Vis) single beam with range...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Vortex Mixer  Approx. Rs 2, 000 / Unit(s) This Vortex Mixer is vigorous agitating equipment used for thorough mixing of precipitates...Read More Get Best Deal Get Details Digital Thermometer  Ask Latest Price Get Details Lab Aids  Ask Latest Price Get Details Laboratory Glassware  Ask Latest Price Get Details Vernier Caliper  Ask Latest Price Get Details X  Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit Brand: BSW Chamber Volume (Litre): 250 Litre, 350 Litre, 400 litre, 500 Litre, custom sizes available Material: Expoxy coated steel Number of Shelves: 2 Shelves, 3 Shelves, 4 Shelves, custom sizes available Size: Custom Most versatile BOD Incubator for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations. Caster wheel mounted cabinet is double walled, outer body made of GI sheet, properly powder coated and inside chamber made with choice of Aluminum or Stainless steel sheet. The gap between the inner and outer wall is filled with thermal glass wool insulation. Triple walled back side of the unit is provided with an air circulation fan, the air circulation system consists of a TEFC branded motor with long shaft and ball bearings coupled with dynamically balanced impeller type blower to get powerful air circulation in the chamber and ensures even temp: in the cabinet. Provided full view perspex door inside, which makes it possible to inspect the specimens without disturbing the cabin temperature. Supplied with shelves and adjustable shelf position.Equipped with C.F.C. free compressor and refrigerant. Capacity Temp.: • Range: 85 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Aluminium)170 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Aluminium)280 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Aluminium)340 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Aluminium)85 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Stainless steel)170 ltr 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Stainless steel)280 lt 5 C to 60 C (Chamber Stainless steel)3
A Fume Hood or fume cupboard is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts. We are also offering Exhaust Hood and Fuming Chamber.
BHARAT SCIENTIFIC WORLD provides a complete turnkey solution for your lab requirements. We offer lab designs and layouts, lab furniture, different kind of workbenches, consultation etc. We have a skilled team of professional designers, experienced technicians, and talented execution team. We do everything Every workspace environment has its own special requirements. We offer a wide range of standard products and solutions for numerous industry sectors. Our large variety of products and services ensures that you get everything you need from one place. Lab Furniture Lab Interiors Lab Consultants Manufacturing and supply of Lab Furniture Lab Storage such as Cabinets, FRP storage, Lab Cupboard, etc Fume Hoods Laboratory Accessories such as Lab Sinks & Faucets, Lab Stools, Gas Taps & Pipeline Refurbishing and Renovation of Existing Lab Consultation services Aluminium Partitions Maintenance works: Such as cleaning, xing lines, oorings, etc Bharat Scientificc World offers lab furniture-solutions for the following Educational Institutes: Schools, colleges, etc Research Labs Industries: Pharma labs, Food labs, Microbio labs, Biotech Labs, Chemistry Labs, etc Diagnostic Labs Commercial Labs Testing and analytical Labs Mini Lab for home and small establishments Our Lab Furniture is based on modular principal. The Lab furniture can be shifted inrequirements, it can lead to completely new layout solutions or future.Dependingingenious size grid for the basic components provides a maximum onsupplement existing furniture. The consistent adherence to an the situation and of design possibilities in every functional area of the laboratory.
Lab set up with exhaust works to remove the files from lab. Work done at trio world academy
Hot air oven We are offering of Hot Air Oven BSW. Outer body of M.S. sheet, powder coated, inner chamber choice of Aluminum / stainless steel. Insulation: Glass wool 65 mm.thick, provided to reduce the heat loss to the economical minimum, provided with adjustable and removable SS/aluminum shelves. High quality imported heating elements and thermostat ensures long life and accuracy receptively. Temp: controlled by: Imported Hydraulic Thermostat/Digital Electronic Temp: controller. Models available with air circulation fan. An AC TEFC long shaft motor is coupled with centrifugal impeller type fan at the back side and provided extra space for air circulation. Temp: range ambient 5 C to 200 C, Accuracy: ±1 C at higher Temp, Supplied with out thermometer, Various models are available lab equipments - hot air oven
Contact us for hot air oven, laminar air flow, incubator, fumehood, exhaust hood, sieve shaker, test sieves
We have all the accessories for Lab Furniture and Lab Tables We present to you a high quality Lab tap / lab cock Laboratory water tap Lab water tap Lab cock Features of lab water tap 1) Powder Coated & PP 2) White colour 3) three way / one way 4) Swan Neck 5) Extremely heavy duty
Contact us for Lab Equipments ORP Meter. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential Water testing Kits